About Ålesund Golf Club

A golf club for everyone

At Ålesund Golf Club, we have a strong focus on promoting golf as a healthy and lifelong activity and sport for everyone.

With close to 1000 members, of all ages, we are one of the largest activity and leisure clubs in the region. We have a wide range of members; from children in the age of 4 to seniors of almost 90.
The most important factor for well-being depends on us as a club helping to facilitate a good and developing environment. Creating affiliation is a key value for us. Therefore, with us you can take part in different groups, where you as a golfer meet "like-minded" both in terms of level and ambition.

Ålesund Golf Club has one of Norway's most beautiful golf courses at Solnør, just outside Ålesund. In addition, we have a training facility close to the city with a driving range and a 6-hole course, as well as good offers for indoor training during the winter.

Link to video describing Ålesund Golf Club's facilities